Monday, February 4, 2008

Peachy peachy review

If you're looking for a different dessert, try peachy peachy (yes, that's their spelling) from Arny-Dading. This small unassuming shop in Katipunan (among others) serve one of the best tasting pichi pichis (this is the spelling I'm more familiar with) I have tasted.

It's something usually classified as a kakanin, but it's actually more of a cassava based dessert. It tastes good whether at room temperature or even just taken out of the refrigerator.

The one we usually get to eat have a generous cheese topping. Look -- it almost looks like some cheese topped pasta dish!

Now, here it is after we have dug in --

It's perfect as a merienda and as dessert. But do watch out -- it's quite addicting, so calories can quickly add up!

For a list of their other branches and their list of products, just click on the picture of their box.